Do you have an impactful story to share? Have you felt like a writer your whole life? Do you love the process of writing but fear the commitment of writing an entire book? Do you want to be an author but have no idea how to even begin?

If your answer is...

OMG - yes!!!

Then girlfriend, co-authoring in one of our upcoming projects is the PERFECT step for you!




I KNOW you have a story to share, maybe it just isn't 70,000 words long. If you dream of becoming a published author, but the thought of writing an entire book out of the gate seems daunting, co-authoring is like dipping a toe in the proverbial author pool. 

You can start with the commitment to write your own chapter (of 3000-4000 words), and become part of a collaborative author project with 15-20 other incredible women, just like you. Together we write an entire book, but without the stress, overwhelm, and craziness that comes with doing it all alone.

Essentially, your to do list is:
-Write your chapter
-Submit it

I do all the rest. You're welcome.













I give you the platform. You unleash your creativity. I take care of the hard part of publishing. You get to do what you love: write. I take your story and get it into a tangible, sellable, hard-copy product. 

Low investment. 
Lower commitment.
More impact.
Less writing. 
More opportunity.
Build your credibility as an expert in your zone of genius.
Build recurring regular income through a new revenue stream.
Collaboration & community with a team of like-minded women.
Networking opportunities.
Ongoing coaching & development. 
Book launch, event and party support. 
Best-seller campaign and an "evergreen" product.
Collective marketing & reach expansion for your brand, if you have one. (Being a biz owner is not a requirement, though! You may just do this thang for YOU!) 

Even cooler, though?

An entire (talented!!!) team of female editing, design, and publishing staff to support YOUR project and help YOU become a FREAKING PUBLISHED AUTHOR. 

A platform to share your story, without having to learn all the boring, messy, complicated back-end "stuff" that goes into the publishing process, like editing, design, layouts, ISBNs, and getting it on amazon shelves. Not to mention, waaaay less of a financial commitment in order to get your work on the shelves.

Gone are the days where you need to endlessly pitch for SOMEONE ELSE to choose you in order to accomplish your dream. 

CHOOSE YOURSELF. PICK YOURSELF. RAISE YOUR HAND. You can do this, and I want to empower you to follow through.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, add your name to the waitlist below for FIRST DIBS on an author seat in our next project! 


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