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✨ Current Opportunities ✨

Part-Time, Remote, Freelance/Contract
10-15 Hours/Month

MOMFIDENT AF™ is a growing brand with a passion for impacting the confidence of moms (and womxn) so that they can go after whatever they desire in life (be that rocking a two-piece, or writing a book 😎)

With an expanding impact and international reach, MOMFIDENT AF™ / MOMFIDENT AF™ Media is looking to hire a remote COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS COORDINATOR who will be responsible for connecting our brand/products with local in-person merchants, and also online community integrations. 

...What does that mean?
Work will be assigned on an as-needed basis and could include:
-Facebook group management (for existing client groups)
-Podcast Guest Booking (both for guests to The Momfidence Podcast and also booking Courtney as a guest on relevant podcasts)
-Communicating/establishing relationships with potential markets/stockists for in-person book sales 
-Trello board/project management
-Outreach/research for potential brand collaborations 
-Social media engagement 
-Email management 

The ideal candidate will have at least some experience in the following areas: 
-Social media (general usage and strategy on Instagram and Facebook)
-Email (gmail)
-Google Drive 
-Calendly / Google Calendar
-Toggl Track (not mandatory, but will be used for this position) 

Relevant Skills/Requirements:
-Preferred advanced computer / tech skills 
-Confidence pitching (or willing to learn)
-General copywriting skills
-Knowledge of the MOMFIDENT AF™ brand and background
-Knowledge of how hashtags / geotags work 
-Willingness to learn
-Adherence to advanced deadlines
-Self motivated and takes initiative 
-Enjoy using casual profanity and well-placed emojis 😎



If you are interested in applying for this position, you will send the following to

-Current resume
-Application Video
(This can be done on your iPhone)

Wait, what? Why an application video?
This position will require the use of Zoom, FaceTime and potentially other video platforms.
You will be required to be outgoing and forthcoming in your initiation of contact, communication and building relationships with businesses/brands - which will often include emailing, but may include Zoom and/or phone conversations. Video is such a normal medium through which to communicate - if you aren't comfortable being on video this position probably isn't for you.

What do you need to say in your video?
Give me an introduction to YOU! I want to see you taking ownership of YOURSELF and YOUR VIBE.
Are you outgoing and loud? Show me.
Are you more reserved yet humbly confident? SHOW ME. 

If you need something to go by, please answer the following during the video:
-What's your name?
-Where are you from?
-Do you have kids?
-What are you favourite hobbies?
-Speak to the skills/requirements listed in the job profile and your experience
-Share how you feel we can mutually benefit one another in our working relationship
-Speak to your comfortability with social media
-Tell me why you want to work with MOMFIDENT AF™ / MOMFIDENT AF™ Media

If you are selected for the next step in the process, you will be contacted via email. 



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