The Momfidence Podcast was created for women and moms to learn strategies and perspectives congruent with self-acceptance while they multi-task. We're talking confidence, self-love, self-esteem, body image, motherhood, and all things personal development.

Listen, I know you're busy. Me too. The Momfidence Podcast is designed for YOU to get as much value out of your development as possible. Gotta breastfeed the baby? Mom-Taxi Duty? Making dinner? The podcast can be accessed from your phone anytime, anywhere. You can even download episodes to your device so you can listen without WiFi. 

This show was what I wish I had when I was navigating the messy-ness of new motherhood, and learning how to love myself after pregnancy and childbirth. I hope it helps you see yourself in a different light! 


The Momfidence Podcast is a growing global community with over 55,000 downloads (October 2019) and regular listeners in multiple countries worldwide. We are looking for businesses to partner with that have products or services that are relevant to our mom/female audience base. Ideally, your product or service will be online-based, so that anyone listening from anywhere in the world can purchase or investigate your product. 

Is your product/service designed for moms? Is your target demographic women and/or moms?
Do you have something that would compliment our theme of confidence, mindset, body image, wellness, and/or self-love?


Sponsor Requirements:
-Your business MUST be something that is of value/beneficial for moms (or for kids). We will not take just any business as a sponsor. All applicants will be screened and assessed for alignment.

-It is recommended that you offer a specific coupon code (I.e. "THEMOMFIDENCEPODCAST") for a % off your product or service, as an incentive and for your own personal marketing ROI purposes. 
-You must submit a third-person "radio bio" about your product or service (250-500 words).
-If you feel it would be helpful for the host to try/use the product or service first, please note that in your application. (It is generally beneficial if the host has a personal experience to add in addition to the scripted mentions.)

*Note that an application to sponsor does not guarantee you will be approved. You'll receive an email with additional instructions should you be selected as a sponsor partner.



Are you a subject-matter expert on a topic that is relevant to moms and women? Do you have expertise in confidence, mindset, wellness, health, parenting, self-image, self-esteem, body positivity, or any strategies/techniques that affect any of the above topics? 

I'd love to hear from you? The Momfidence Podcast is for moms and women who want to better themselves in the areas of confidence, mindset and self-love, so if you think you have something valuable to share that would benefit my mom-audience base, please apply to be on the show! 

Guest Requirements:
-Must have a topic that fits into The Momfidence Podcast target niche/demographic
-Must be comfortable speaking/being interviewed
-Must have internet and microphone access (iPhone headphones typically work fine!)

-Must be available daytime for 1 hour to record the interview via the Zoom Platform (Video Call)
-Must agree to promote the show on social platforms as-per Podcast Release form

*Note that not all applicants will necessarily be invited on the show. It will depend on your content, the podcast release schedule, and the host's discretion. We appreciate all applicants who apply! If selected, you will receive an email with booking instructions. 

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