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I get this question A FRIGGIN LOT.

Essentially, I do that in 3 ways. Let's be real simple about this:

1. You can join one of my seasonal co-author projects.
2. You can self-publish with my online course.
3. You can apply to work 1:1 with me as your publisher and mentor.

⚡️I can help you get best-selling results like these:⚡️

(Damn you, Jessica Simpson!)

⚡️I work 1:1 with high-level leaders who are ready to G R O W⚡️

Becoming an author is an amazing accomplishment. 
It's a goal many wish to CRUSH but few feel is possible.
For me, for you, for everyone. 

Before I published my first book, I scratched my head for YEARS wondering how anybody could even FINISH a book, let alone find the time required to do it and then know what the heck to do next.

If you have an idea for a book or a journal, and you want someone to take on all the back-end "stuff" for you - I can help.

I am a master of self-publishing and will act as your publisher and coach as we put together your project and launch it on Amazon together.

Becoming a Best-Selling author adds credibility to your existing business/brand, builds authority and expertise in your space, creates opportunities for growth, networking, and audience expansion, broadens your exposure through an international search platform, and positions you as an industry leader on a brand new network where your ideal clients are already shopping. 

Oh, and it creates a revenue stream for you, immediately. 

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